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ROI - Savings Calculations

Savings Potential

What is the bottom line on Savings?

Your Company's Annual Telecom Spend    
Potential Telecom Overcharging x 9% A
Your Company's Annual Telecom Staffing Costs    
Potential Annual Staff Savings x30% B
Time Remaining on Telecom Contract X years left C

Potential Savings = (Annual Spend X 9% + Staff Savings) X Remaining Years left on contract

Your Company's Potential Telecom Savings:

(+ )x =
Total A Total B Total C Total Potential Savings

"On average, 7% to 12% of telecom service expenses are in error."
Aberdeen Group, April 2006 Report

"Overall enterprises with dedicated telecommunications category spend management strategies reported average telecommunications budget savings of 21.5%. Those that leveraged technology saw higher average savings of 26.1% than those that did not leverage technology, at 18.6%."
The Spend Under Control Key to Cost Savings - The Category Spend Management Report Series 2004: Telecom, Aberdeen Group, June 2004

"Reduction of Administrative costs up to 25% to 50% The total Telecom Cost management Process Benchmark Report "
(Optimizing telecom costs, Utilization and Performance, Aberdeen Group, February 2006

"Then there's the cost of efforts to reduce over billing and get credits for errors a drain on the staff budget and a distraction from more constructive tasks. Among organizations contacted by Teeming, staff costs for checking and correcting telecom bills ranged up to the equivalent of 5% of total telecom spending. "
John Riddell, Decima's Telemanagement, Vol. 1, Issue 225, April 26, 2005-07-13, Users See Scant Progress in Carrier Telecom Bills

"Organizations can routinely save more than 10 percent of their annual telecommunication expenses by systematically checking their carrier bills against equipment and services in use. Best practices include implementing telecom expense management packages."
Geoff Johnson, Gartner Inc., March 15, 2005, Better Management of Telecom Expenses Yields Significant Savings